Strawberry Hemp

Strawberry – CBD flowers

  • The product “Strawberry” is an EU-certified CBd hemp variety.
  • The CBD content is around 12%.
  • May contain traces of up to 0.2% THC – produces no psychoactive effect.
    free of pesticides and herbicides

Shipping and buying only at a minimum age of 18 years!

Size: 3gr



CBD Flower Strawberry our regular customers know it, the strawberry.

Our bestseller is back and with a new amazing quality!

The Strawberry CBD flowers not only enchant with their scent and appearance, but also with their CBD content. An astonishing CBD value of max. 14% (140mg/g) gives this strain that special something.

When cultivating the Strawberry breed, care is taken to ensure that neither pesticides, chemicals or other pollutants get in the way.

The THC value does not exceed the maximum of 0.2%, making the strain salable in the EU. These exclusive flowers come to you in a resealable bag, which is welded odor-proof.

How to use Strawberry CBD flowers: 

Store the strawberry flowers in a cool, dark and dry place. 

Keep out of reach of children. Sales are only to people over the age of 18. 

This product is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and children! 


Note on the Strawberry CBD flowers: 

The Strawberry CBD flowers are subject to natural fluctuations and can vary in texture, appearance and CBD value from batch to batch. This product is not suitable for consumption.


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